How To: Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Replacement Lens

When using the auto-darkening welding helmet for a long time, it may happen that requires minor fixing of the lens or entire lens replacement. Now, we will walk through and explain the step by step process so that you can do it by yourself.

Now, let’s begins —

Step 1: There are 4 lugs on the front cover lens retainers, locked into the 4 slots on the shield. Use a tool like a ball pen will make it much easier to lose these lugs with little push from the backside.






Step 2:
Use a ball Pen to push the lug inwards to the center of the filter, the lug will move a bit into the slot (It will be unlocked from the slot of the shield)

Step 3: The push/press the lug downwards – that will fully be unlocked from the attachment of the shield

Step 4: Now, from cover lens retainer will be ready to remove, little pulls in outwards will easily come off.

StepĀ  5: Still the auto-darkening filter is firmly held by 4 lugs. To remove the filter, lift top lugs using the thumb of one hand and at the meantime push the Top part of filter with the other hand. The filter will be lifted out of the lugs. Once it’s removed or popped out – carefully out the filter from the shield from the back side of the helmet.

Step 6: Lift up one edge of the Inner cover lens and pull the cover lends away from the filter

Step 7: Remove the protective film from the inner lens cover, feed one side of the lens cover onto lens retaining slots on the filter, then push it slightly all the way until the whole lens cover is placed properly

Step 8: Take off the old cover lends

Step 9: Make sure that protective film is removed from the new cover lens. Place the new cover lends in the recess at the front of the helmet

Step 10: Finally, lift the TOP lugs from inside while pushing the UP edge of the filter into the TOP lugs, once both of the TOP lugs are on the UP edge of the filter, push the filter slightly and the lugs will look the filter in position.

Step 11: Position the lens retainer correctly, push to lock the lens retainer in the shield properly and locked.

Photo Credit: Antra

Photo Credit: NotwiseDIY