8 Best MIG Welders Review Plus Ultimate Buying Guide of 2019

7 Best MIG Welding Machines​ - Definite Buying Guide​

Are you new to the welding craft and want to begin with something perfect?
Are you confused with a variety of brands available on the market?
Are you confused about which welder to buy among various welding methods?

If you are a beginner, then MIG welder will be perfect for you. MIG (Metal Inert Gas) is a subtype of Metal Arc Welding, which is very renowned for its user-friendly features. It’s a perfect option for beginners as they can learn to use it very straightforwardly and use it without any mess. This type of welder is generally used for hobby welding, auto body work, metal sculpture, tool carts, farm equipment, maintaining equipment, or many other things.

If you’ve decided to buy the best MIG welder for you, then we’re here to help you find the best MIG welder of 2019. We’ve come up with the Best MIG Welder of 2019 and Buying Guide.

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HOBART 500554 HANDLER 190 - Money Worth

Most Popular In Market - MIG Comparison


Product Name




Hobert Handler 190

68 lb

7 Voltage selections

Easy to Install

Millermatic 141

51 lb


Hobart Handler 140

66 lb


Lincoln Electric Handheld 120

71 lb



85 lb

Metal , Plastic

Forney 309

62 lb


Everlast Power 140e

30 lb


Top 7 Best MIG Welding Machines Reviews


If you are finding a MIG welder with best quality and performance, then this Hobart 190 will be perfect for you. It comes with all necessary parts and set-up guide so that you don’t have to fall in any trouble. Besides, you can use it even you have deficient skill in welding.  

This welder comes with 10-ft. MIG gun, built-in-gas valve, gas hose, duplex gauge regulator, 10-ft power cord, .030 flux-core wire, 8-inch spool adapter, additional .030 contact tips, 10-ft work cable and clamp, and owner’s manual.

You can use this welder for welding stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. It is a 230-volt wire welder providing industrial performance.  You can hardly find such an easy to use MIG welder on the market.

Whenever you want to weld without the hassle of aluminum wire welding related feeding problems, just plug-in the optional SpoolRunner 100 spool gun. There is a selector switch for MIG gun, or spool gun operation will make switching guns easy and fast. You’ll be able to weld like a pro with this Hobart 190.

You can use this Hobart 190 for various purposes like welding auto body panels, mower decks, tool carts, exhaust systems, farm equipment, gun/bow racks, metal sculpture, lawn and garden equipment, and many other D-I-Y projects. This comes with seven voltage settings providing advanced arc performance and excellent control.   

Overall, when it is about MIG welding, then this Hobart 190 is the first choice. You’re going to get a MIG welder with best features and money back warranty.  





If you love things with simple design without compromising in quality and performance, then this Millermatic 141 will suit your needs. You can rely on this welder as it is a very beneficial tool with the best quality.

It is a perfect option for the beginners as you will be able to operate it without any hassles. If you are going to weld for the first time, then this Millermatic welder will help you to learn to weld very quickly. 

Its auto-set characteristic will enable the user to operate it very conveniently because the machine is set to its perfect parameters with its auto-set system.  In manual mode, you can weld flexibly and fast. So, once you bring this welder for you, there is nothing to worry about welding.

Its fast-choose drive roll will enable the set-up faster, providing three grooves. It has a 140 A maximum power output feature which will allow you to weld aluminum material from 14 to 18 gauge thick and mild steel material from 24 ga. up to 3/16” thick.

This comes with an angled all aluminum drive system with a powerful wire drive with quick select. You can use it for both MIG or flux core welding processes. This will perform outstandingly under 120v.   

This one is a durable one with three years of warranty. In fine, you can bring this Millermatic 141 MIG welder without any doubt about its quality, reliability, and durability. You are going to get a MIG welder in a compact design with incredible performance.  





The brand name itself gives the assurance of its capability and value. Hobart 140 is one of the most well-known wire feed welders. It is a complete welder with all required kits.

It comes with 10-ft. MIG gun with liner, built-in gas valve, 10-ft. power cord, 10-ft. work cable and clamp, dual gauge regulator and gas hose, extra .030 contact tips, 8-inch spool adapter, sample spool of .030 flux-cored wire, set-up guide and owner’s manual.

 This portable MIG welder will be perfect for auto body works, household repairs, and more complicated welding works. This welder works well under 115 volts and a 20 amperage circuit. It has an aluminum drive system and a heavy duty work clamp which is perfect for providing better industrial performance. There is a 5-position tapped voltage power selector which will enable you to set your arc providing a smooth static arc on all kinds of thicknesses.

This is very simple to set-up and use and easily portable. You won’t have any hassle while setting up this welder as all the instructions are mentioned in the manual. This will enable you to set up your welder without any mess as it is easily portable so you can carry it anywhere as your needs.  

The Hobart MIG welders are applicable in many factors. This Hobart 140 can be used for welding mower decks, auto body panels, exhaust systems, lawn and garden equipment, metal sculpture, trailer frames and hitches, PTO attachments, tool carts, and fences.

Ultimately, if you need a MIG welder of the best quality and better performance to meet your needs, then this Hobart 140 will be perfect for you. 





This Lincoln Electric MIG 140 is one of the best MIG welders available on the market because of its versatility, portability, and usability. You can carry this MIG welder anywhere anytime you want as it has simple two knobs tapped control. It is easily portable because it weighs only 2 pounds. 

Besides, you can use this welder very simply like all the instructions for setting up, and use is mentioned in the set-up guide. For avoiding wire tangles and crushing, it has an entirely flexible and controllable drive system.

This welder comes with both flux-core and MIG welding capacities. That means you can use this welder for flux-cored welding and MIG welding on aluminum, stainless steel or steel.

You can use this welder for complex commercial welding purpose. This is also a perfect option for using in automobile welding, home projects, and fabrication. So, it’s suitable for both professional work and home use.

This welder will provide you up to 180 amps output, and you can easily plug it into 230v household portal. It has 50-500 IPM wire-feed speed control. Its brass to brass gun connection will provide you with improved conductivity.

You can conveniently align and adjust the wires with its molded aluminum body and solid drive. These features make it an ideal MIG welder for all sorts of MIG welding jobs.   





The Lotos 175 is an ideal versatile welder.  If you require a versatile, high-quality and durable MIG welder, then it can be your best choice. It has a high-quality, and stable wire feeder which is made of aluminum will provide you with better and long-lasting welding experience.

It is a complete MIG welder with a speedy spool gun for MIG welding and all required tools. It includes 10 ft. 4 inches long, 1lb aluminum wire, 4-prong end connection, with dia. 0.9 millimeter, MIG torch, gas hose, ground clamp cable, argon regulator, welding mask and wire, .o23” and .035” contact tips. It can weld stainless/mild steel from 18 gauge to ¼”, aluminum up to 3/8” with an input voltage of 240/220V AC.

You are getting spool gun to weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and you won’t need to buy an extra spool gun. It comes with a long-lasting and reliable transformer technology.

This Lotos 175 MIG welder is very simple to set up and use as you can set it up within only 10 minutes. This welder will be connected quickly and work efficiently in a 220V wall outlet.     

 This welder will undoubtedly provide you stable and better performance with its advanced features. Besides, it will offer you an excellent safety gauge.

If you are finding a MIG welder for multipurpose use as well as durable and reliable, then you can choose this Lotos 175 MIG welder. This welder will meet up your needs providing the best performance and versatility.





If you are searching for a MIG welder for hobby welding and home DIY projects, then this Forney 309 is the best choice for you. This welder can give you the best performance for your household welding as it is mainly designed for this.

It is a welder with four voltage settings to be adjusted with the heat you want to use. It works efficiently for welding jobs of automotive, farms, and many other small welding jobs using 115V/120V. It has a 30-140A amperage range and a duty cycle of 20% @ 115A and 35% @ 90A.

It is easily portable because of its flexibility. It has a 10-ft. MIG gun and a 15 ft. long power cord. It will increase your working area and will make your welding very easy. You can weld stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and mild steel from a ½ inch up to ¼ inch.

You can use it for MIG as well as flux-cored welding. It comes with a regulator, an 8″ gas hose, and a flowmeter. Besides, it has a quick “euro” style disconnected torch and acceptable spools of 4” and 8”.  It also comes with a cast aluminum drive system with drive rolls, a geared idler, and cable wrap. All these tools will enable you to weld conveniently.

This welder is at an affordable price and also durable. So, you are getting a compact, durable, and reliable MIG welder for your small welding jobs. 

If you are searching for a MIG welder for your household projects, then this welder is going to provide you with better and high-quality performance.  





The Everlast 140E MIG welder is one of the most affordable welders with many options. This welder will enable you to weld in both MIG welding and stick welding mode.

It is designed with IGBT inverter design to make it capable of sending higher ampere output than other models. Besides, IGBT components provide longer life.

This also reduces power consumption and weight though increases arc performance and duty cycle. It has a stepless control of the wire speed as well as voltage. It is designed with a robust drive mechanism which will allow you to use it for many years.

This welder has standard drive rolls which can feed .023”- .030” wire diameter. You can use it with both 8” and 4” wire spools. This welder is perfect for welding stainless steel or mild steel at home projects and garages. If you need to weld aluminum, then you will have to buy a separate spool gun. 

It is very lightweight and portable. It can weld steel/aluminum/stainless steel from 24 gauge up to 3/16” conveniently. It has 120V input power so that you can use it at home or anywhere you need. This welder will provide you better performance with its smooth and durable arc.

This welder has a good duty cycle of 25% @ 90A. The most useful feature of this welder is that it has a system of controlling its voltage and wire speed. So, you can adjust the settings according to your need to get the best results.




Best Choice - Money Worth Choice

Hobart Handler 190

Finally, you’ve gone through the 7 Best MIG welders of 2019 and have got an idea about the products. All the products mentioned here are of the best quality offering the best performance. If you are bit confused or want to know about our choice, then we are highly recommending the HOBART HANDLER 190 MIG WELDER.

If you are searching for a MIG welder at an affordable price for welding both aluminum and steel, then you can choose this Hobart 190 MIG welder. This welder is versatile, easily usable, and durable. If you are a beginner, then you don’t need to worry about welding as it is designed for the beginners to handle it without any hassle.   

Though this welder is designed for household use, it is very powerful to handle more heavy-duty jobs. You can use it with a generator with 230v input power. So, you can carry it anywhere you want. Some unique features of this welder are that it has seven voltage settings, vast wire speed limit, and upgraded magnetism. These features will allow you to manage the parameters for advanced arc performance