7 Best TIG Welder Unbiased Reviews & Definite Buying Guide

7 Best TIG Welder Unbiased Review & Definite Buying Guide (2019)

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is among the most complex but well-known welding processes. It is complicated because this type of welding requires a proficient skill in welding, and it’s well-known because it offers smoother and better welding performance than others. In the TIG welding process, a non-consumable tungsten electrode is used to generate the weld.

You can use this type of welding machine for more metals than other types of welding processes. TIG welding is used in different sectors like auto manufacturing, spacecraft, and aerospace industries and is also used in auto body workshops.

If you are skilled in welding and searching for a good TIG welder, then we are here to help you find the best TIG welder. You can choose your desired TIG welder based on the features from here.

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Top 7 Best TIG Welders Review


This Alpha TIG welder is one of the most efficient and powerful TIG welders available on the market. This welder will provide you with better and smoother welding as your desires. So, this can be your first choice to weld for your home project or welding business.

This welder is exceptional from others for its enhanced and improved control over both your hands and foot pedal. It has an HF start TIG and a foot pedal which will enable you to enjoy great TIG welding operation and control. You can use this welder for 3/8” thick mild steel, stainless steel and ¼” thick aluminum. 

It comes with an AC/DC output setting, which you can set easily as your welding purpose. It works efficiently in 110V and 220V input power. If you want to use it in heavy-duty welding, then this welder will offer you a 60% duty cycle at 200V for TIG and 35% at 155A for stick welding.

Besides, this Alpha TIG welder is portable and lightweight as it will enable you to carry it wherever you need conveniently. It weighs only 69 pounds and is 19 x 23 x 12 inches in dimension.

It is designed with an advanced IGBT inverter technology which is for controlling power consumption and with Pulse Width Modulation, which is for controlling pulse settings.

Finally, this Alpha TIG welder is durable with a warranty of 3 years and affordable. If you want a versatile TIG welder of excellent quality, then nothing is comparable with this welder.





This Miller MaxStar 150 STL, TIG/stick welder, is a portable and lightweight welder. It is a machine with DC output setting which has Lift-arc feature. This lift-arc feature can provide TIG arc starting not using high frequency.

This welder is very lightweight as it weighs only 13.7 pounds. It has a shoulder strap which will allow you to move it wherever and whenever you need. It is 13.2 x 5.5 x 9 inches in dimension. It is small in size compared to other welders. 

This welder uses advanced inverter technology which produces excellent arc starts and exceptional weld puddle control in TIG as well as stick welding.

This welder has a multi-voltage plug (MVP) which will allow you to connect it to 115V or 230V power outlet without the need for any tools. It is straightforward to use by just selecting the plug which fits the outlet and plugging it to the supply cable.

This is compact in design and portable. So you can carry it to your business site or shop conveniently. It’s a perfect tool for the repair and maintenance professional or hobbyist who needs a welding machine which can be carried to the working places easily. This will reduce undesired cable clutter and the necessity for lead extensions.

Ultimately, this unit is a perfect tool for home and professional use with its high flexibility and portability. If you want an affordable and durable welder for carrying to your working places easily, then you can choose this Miller MaxStar 150 TIG welder.





If you want an efficient and powerful TIG welder for aluminum welding, then this Hobart 500551 welder will be best for you. This welder is best for welding aluminum with both AC and DC settings. AC output is for superb aluminum welding, and Dc output is for stainless and mild steel. You can weld materials with a thickness of 22 gauges up to 3/16 inches.

It is a complete welding package which provides an exceptional single knob control which makes it the most straightforward and fastest TIG welder to use and set up. When you need to weld, you will get it ready by just plugging it into 230V, connecting the shielding gas, and then selecting the material ad thickness.     

The most outstanding feature it comes with that it has a fan-on demand setting which will allow the fan to be run according to need. It also eliminates dust and debris that this unit pulls in. It comes with an inverter-based energy source offering a more stable welding arc without using much power.

You can have infinite and distant amperage control by using the foot control included with it, which offers a broader operating area with greater control. Besides, it comes with an attached primary cord and plug, Weldcraft TIG torch, 12 ft. work cable with clamp, gas regulator, shielding gas hose and owner’s guide.

  It is very lightweight and portable because it weighs only 50 pounds and is 17 x 9.8 x 23.8 inches in dimension. Besides, it has two handles for comfortable handling and better portability.

Overall, this can be your first choice if you want a welder for the finest aluminum welding.   





If you are looking for a good and durable welding machine of a trustworthy and well-known brand with an affordable price, then this Precision TIG 225 welder of Lincoln will be suitable for you. This welder has both AC and DC output settings to provide multi-functional service. It’s a perfect versatile tool for professional and hobbyist.

This welder works effectively for welding magnesium, steel, and aluminum. You can use this welder for repairing work on your car or boat or in your auto workshop and small fabrication shop. This welder is also suitable for stick welding.

This unit needs a 208/230 volt power source to provide better performance. It provides great amperage range from 5 to 230 amps. It also has a duty cycle of 40% @ 130A and 60% @ 110A. It can weld 5/32 inches thick materials.

This Lincoln TIG welder comes as a complete welding package including a welder, 9-ft. power cord, 10-ft. work cable and clamp, 6-50P plug, 6-50R receptacle, TIG torch, gas regulator, and instructions guide. It is 38 x 19.8 x 31.2 inches in dimension and weighs 261 Ibs.

This unit comes with a unique MicroStar Technology which will allow you to experience a low amperage start and excellent stability during welding time. This will also offer unique flexibility and higher versatility.

This welder has an AC automatic balance function for offering optimized cleaning and penetration. Ultimately, this Lincoln TIG welder will allow you to weld in a skillful way like a pro.





This Everlast welder is a versatile welder offering outstanding performance and reliability. You can use this welder for both TIG and stick welding in AC and DC modes. You will be able to operate it effectively on 240V single pass as well as 240V 3 phase power.   

This welder comes as a complete package including 12 ft. 18 series TIG torch and torch switch for 2T/4T operation, work clamp with 10 ft. cable, foot pedal, 6 ft. power input cable. This welder has become an economical welder with the best quality.

This is a multi-functional welder which can be used in various sectors like production/fabrication welding, prototyping, pipelines, shipyards, gunsmithing, farm, industrial maintenance, automobile, motorsports, and hobby/DIY. 

You can use this welder for a wide range of metals like steel, chrome-moly, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, copper, or any virtual metal. It can weld steel from .007” up to ½” single pass and 1+” multi-pass, aluminum from .008” up to ½” single pass and 1+” multi-pass in TIG welding. Besides, it can weld electrodes from 1/16” up to 3/16” diameter.

This welder features IGBT power component, a lightweight technology providing better performance and great portability. This unit has adjustable weld parameters which you can use for 2T or 4T remote control. This unit has excellent pulse frequency capacity, which reduces complete heat input.   

Overall, this Everlast 250X TIG Stick welder is a perfect option for hobbyist or professional welder. It is a welding machine with better performance, powerful duty cycle, and stable arc force control.   





This TIG welder of Miller Electric is a good choice for the professional welders who want a TIG welder machine with best quality and performance for their big welding projects. It will be proved as an effective and trustworthy welder machine, even in heavy-duty jobs.

The most amazing feature of this welder is that it is designed with Squarewave technology. Miller Electric developed this technology in 1976 to upgrade welding capacity and quality and make welding more convenient. This will provide stable arc while welding aluminum, reduce tungsten erosion, and prevent arc rectification.

You will get this welder as a complete package including Syncrowave 250 DX power source, Coolmate 3X cooler, RFCS-14 remote foot control, gas hose, cable cover, no.37 running gear, coolant, 15 ft. work lead with dinse connector and clamp, regulator, and a coolant. But the primary cord and TIG torch adapter aren’t included with it.

It comes with digital welding meters, which will display both voltage and amperage to show the actual and preset values for better repeatability and precision in welding processes. It also comes with the last procedure recall, a single switch system which will enable you to switch from stainless TIG to aluminum TIG to stick welding very conveniently.   

This welder comes with a Synchro Start technology feature which will enable you to select from hot, standard, or soft TIG starts on the basis of the application, tungsten size, and lead lengths.

If you need a durable and reliable TIG welder with stable arc, better balance control for your industrial tasks, then this welder will be perfect for you.





If you are looking for an all-in-one and versatile welder with the best quality and better efficiency, then this Everlast Powerpro 256S will be a good choice for you. This is welder which you can use as a TIG or Stick welder or a plasma cutter.

It is designed with advanced technologies and is made convenient to operate and use and carry to different working sectors. You can use this welder for Motorsports, road repair and light fab projects, factory maintenance and shutdowns, farm/ranch portable repair, HVAC and custom prototyping/welding.

Besides, you can weld steel, stainless steel, titanium, chrome-moly, aluminum, or virtually any weldable metal. This welder can weld steel from 36 gauge up to ½” and aluminum from 24 gauge up to 5/16” in TIG single pass and from 1/16” up to 5/32” in stick welding. In plasma cutter, it can weld up to 5/8” daily use @ 15-20 ipm, up to ¾” clean-cut @ 8-12 ipm and up to 1” severance cut @ 3-5 ipm.   

This is a complete welding package with 12 ft. water-cooled TIG torch and 15 ft. iPT 60 plasma torch with DINSE 35 style connectors, Stick electrode holder with 10 ft. cable, work clamp with 10 ft. cables, argon regulator, air pressure regulator, foot pedal, and starter kits for TIG and plasma.

It is designed with digital IGBT inverter technology which upgrades its stability, efficiency, and accuracy. You can change torches easily from TIG to plasma and vice versa. Besides, it has an over current indicator, which works as an indicator to warn when the duty cycle exceeds and disrupts welding.

Overall, it is a perfect choice for professional or hobbyist welder with exceptional versatility and durability. 




Best Choice - Money Worth Choice


We have reviewed here the best TIG welders of 2019. All of them are good from different perspectives. You can select the best suited one for you from here based on your demand. But if you want to know our opinion, then we are highly recommending AHP Alpha TIG 200X TIG Welder. This welder comes with various unique features, which makes it our first choice.

It is a high-efficiency welding machine with a combination of great performance levels and functioning capability at a cost-effective price. It is one of the most adjustable and suitable welding machines for beginners, hobbyist, and professional welders. This welder comes with various unique features, which makes it our first choice. It is a perfect choice for thin materials welding. Besides, it is great for welding steel and aluminum.

It comes with all of essential tools for TIG welding. The torch with a finger switch option and a flexible head included with it is of high quality and great efficiency. It is a sturdy and durable welder with a warranty of 3 years. It features an adaptable output frequency control that automatically adjusts the A/C frequency for reducing arc focus. This will provide you with a thinner and cleaner bead.

This welder is designed with Pulse Width Modulation technology, which automatically manages the system’s uptime, indicates that this will give the unit the highest lasting and most trustworthy power source. Consequently, this unit will provide you with smoother, consistent, and stable arc and weld.

Overall, if you are a beginner or a hobbyist and searching for an easy to use versatile welding machine, then this unit will be the best choice for you undoubtedly. It comes with a setup guide which will instruct you all about how to set up and use. It is also a cost-effective welding machine for multi-purpose use.